JMWEEKENDRENTAL is a hiring page that first started with only 10 party dresses in 2018. Since then, we have grown into a designer & party hire business with over 300 items!
Founder Jordyn Steward is a young women in her 20’s with aspirations to make JMWEEKENDRENTAL a nation wide business! Studying a Law and Commerce double degree at university, Jordyn uses her passion for business to continuously grow and improve JMWEEKENDRENTAL.
In 2022, JMWEEKENDRENTAL became Jordyn's full time job alongside her university degree. Covid was a big motivator to brainstorm ways to expand the business, and the last few years all those ideas have come into action.
There are many family members and team members who work behind the scenes to assist Jordyn in creating what JMWEEKENDRENTAL is today, and we are forever grateful for the ongoing support.