JMWEEKENDRENTAL Terms and Conditions



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1.1. Bookings are not secured until full payment is made via our website or in store. Items cannot be put on hold under any circumstances.

1.2. A government issued photo identification is required for all bookings that provides a residential address of the client for security purposes. If the Photo ID provided does not have the correct and current residential address, this must be disclosed. This is added to the customer profile.

1A. Bookings made with Pickup

1A.1. Bookings made with pickup can be ready up to 1-72 hours before your event date, and may differ within this range due to availability. Any extension to this is subject to availability and may incur fees. You will receive a text with pickup details once the booking is ready.

1A.2. JMWEEKENDRENTAL offers pickup from our Thomastown boutique on various days/times provided via text prior to your booking. If you require pickup outside of these times, please contact us for arrangements.

1B. Bookings made with Postage

1B.1. All postal bookings will receive a pre paid return sticker that is paid for when booking.

1B.2. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to not be held responsible for any delays occurring through Australia Post, as they are a third party. If your booking does not arrive in time due to a postal delay, a credit will be issued for the hire price amount only. Please note we endeavour to send out bookings within an adequate timeframe and allow time for any delays, however major delays may still occur and the client accepts this risk upon hiring. To be issued with this credit, the garment must be lodged inside a post office on the same business day received, or by 12pm on the next business day if received after 2pm. This credit will have a 6 month expiry.

1B.3. We have a postal booking cutoff for weekend delivery of 3pm on Wednesdays. If a client wishes to make a booing after this cutoff, they accept that there is a risk of the booking not arriving. JMWEEKENDRENTAL holds no responsibility if a booking does not arrive, that was made after the cutoff. A credit will NOT be issued in this circumstance. This includes any other specified cutoff dates and times for busier periods or midweek bookings.

1B.4. If Australia Post attempts delivery, and cannot deliver due to inadequate access to the property (eg locked gate, ect), then JMWEEKENDRENTAL is not held responsible for any delays that follow. For example, if there is an attempted delivery by Australia Post, and it is then taken to a post office but cannot be collected until after the event date, we hold no responsibility for this. In this case, a credit will NOT be issued.

1C. Bookings made with Personalised Delivery

1C.1. Bookings made with our Personalised Delivery Service will have their booking contactless dropped off at their designated address within 48 hours prior to their event day, unless alternative arrangements were made.

1C.2. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to not be held responsible for bookings dropped off to the incorrect address if it is at the mistake of the client providing the incorrect address.



2.1. JMWEEKENDRENTAL upholds a 2 day return policy from the date of the event provided with the booking. Returns are due by 8pm on the second day after the booking date.

2.2. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge a $20 per day late fee for late returns that are not discussed when making the initial booking. The client is required to pay any outstanding late fees within 24 hours of returning the garment.

2.3. If the client required a postal return that is NOT organised PRIOR to their event, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge a late fee for each day between the original return date and when the postal return arrives.

2.4. If a late return results in a cancellation of a booking, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the client a hire price reimbursement fee for the cancelled booking.

2.5. Returns made with our delivery service will be confirmed via text when your item is dropped off and may differ from the 48 hour return period stated on the return card. If you cannot make this time suitable and fail to inform us a late fee will be charged for our delivery driver to rearrange your pickup time.

2.6. If an agreed early return is not abided by, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge any relevant fees.

2.7. The client must return their booking in the original drawstring bag. Failure to do so will result in a $10 fee.

2.8. The client is held liable for the garment until they/any engaged third party has correctly returned their garment in the locked drop box located at our boutique. If an incorrect return results in damage, theft or any other issues, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the client any relevant fees. This includes any returns by family members, friends, delivery services (Uber, Didi ect), or anyone else who is not the client.

2A. Postal Returns:

2A.1. Postal bookings must be lodged INSIDE a post office and at the desk BY 4PM on the first business day after the event, and a lodgement receipt must be provided.

2A.3. If postal return is chosen AFTER receiving the garment, the client is required to purchase an EXPRESS return satchel and send a tracking number and receipt as proof of lodgement and adhere to postal return conditions.

2A.4. No postal returns are to be put in a street box of any kind.

2A.5. Failure to follow correct postal returns conditions will cause possible delays, and therefore JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge a $20 late fee for each day of delay.

2A.6. If an incorrect return results in a delay that affects the next booking, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the client a hire price reimbursement fee for the cancelled booking.

2A.7. If postal return conditions are followed correctly, the client WILL NOT be charged late fees for any delays that occur on behalf of Australia Post. This is applicable only for any postal returns that were organised PRIOR to the clients event.



3.1. Any marks, pulls or issues of concern that may have been overlooked by us, must be communicated to us with relevant photos within 2 hours of receiving your hire, so you are not held liable. A timestamped photo sent to us hours later may not be accepted if the issue was unknown to us prior. This does not guarantee any type of compensation, whether we were aware of the small issue/wear and tear or not, it simply just covers the client from being held liable for the issue.

3.2. Any faults/damages found that resulting the garment being in an unwearable condition must be communicated within the 3 hour period AND the garment must be returned within a 24 HOUR timeframe from pickup or the delivered timestamp given by Australia Post to be eligible for a refund. Photo evidence and all relevant details must also be provided. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to determine if a garment is damaged beyond wearable condition.

3.3. Refunds issued DO NOT include any associated postage/delivery costs.

3.4. Any faults/damages that are not disclosed within the 2 hour timeframe may become associated with the client, and any associated costs of repair or replacement will be of responsibility of the client.

3.5 Please note that all garments owned by JMWEEKENDRENTAL are for hire purposes, and are subject to general wear and tear.  This can include but not limited to, pulls, balling or minor tears in fabric, small or minor stains that may not be obvious in wear, ect. We uphold the ownership of all items to be in the best condition possible. A refund/credit/exchange will not be issued for instances where a garment has general wear and tear.

3.6. Items may have specific wear and tear or minor faults specified in the product description which is viewable prior to booking, and the client will not be refunded for anything related to these outlined descriptions. The client is expected to contact JMWEEKENDRENTAL with any concerns or requesting any photos prior to booking, if their desired product has mention of any general wear and tear or faults. A refund/credit/exchange will not be issued for instances where a garment has has any mention of wear and tear or faults on the product page, even if the client did not reach out prior to booking to inspect the current condition.

3.7. Sizing is subject to differentiate in comparison to specified measurements on brand websites due to wear, tear, alterations, ect. Measurements can be requested by the client prior to booking or try ons are available in store.



4.1. Damages are defined as, but not limited to, tears, pulls, broken seams, stains, broken zips ect.

4.2. Irreversible damages are defined as any damage that cannot be repaired to the garments original state. Examples include, but are not limited to, major tears, major pulls, unremovable stains.

4.3. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the client for any costs associated with repairs of a garment, including compensation for any upcoming bookings which need to be cancelled.

4.4. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the full RRP of garments if any irreversible damages occur. This also includes any shipping/delivery costs associated with the replacement of the garment. This includes compensation for any cancelled bookings. If the garment is sold out and cannot be replaced, the RRP + 2 x the hire price will be charged for future income lost.

4.5. If a garment is repairable, but the repair causes the quality of the garment to be reduced, JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to charge the client for any repair costs and compensation based on the lower quality of the garment. JMWEEKENDRENTAL will charge an amount found appropriate at their discretion.



5.1. Your booking date begins at 12:01am on the selected date.

5.2. Cancellations, change of date or change of item or size made 3+ days from your booking date will incur a cancellation fee equalled to 50% of the original booking.

5.3. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations or changes to a booking within 72 hours (3 days) of your event date. Please note this includes no store credits or exchanges.

5.5. Refunds will not be issued for cancellations once a garment has been picked up, delivered or posted, even if the cancellation period is greater than 72 hours. Please note this includes no store credits or exchanges.

5.6.  If a booking is required to be cancelled due to an unforeseen event by JMWEEKENDRENTAL, such as but not limited to, damage of item from previous booking, delay of return from a previous client, ect, a full refund will be given regardless of the timeframe prior to the event.

5.7.  If a postal booking is made that JMWEEKENDRENTAL believes may not arrive in time for booking date, you will be contacted in regards to cancellation and refund, or alternative method of pickup/delivery with associated additional costs.

5.8. Any cancellation fees are still applicable if swapping a booking to a new item, including a different size, colour, ect, as your original booking is being cancelled.

5.9. Please note if a try on appointment fee was redeemed for a booking that is being cancelled, this $10 appointment fee is still non refundable and is deducted PRIOR to the 50% refund is calculated.



Try On bookings can be made via our "Book Now" tab on Instagram and are conducted at our Thomastown boutique.Please refer to the 'TRY ON POLICY' tab for further information and terms and conditions of the try-on process.

6.1. Clients are required to bring ID in store in order to attend their appointment if they have not previously hired with JMWEEKENDRENTAL.

6.2. Try ons organised AFTER a booking is made will incur the usual cancellation booking fees (if applicable).

6.3. Clients are liable to pay any costs associated with damages that occur during a try-on. Please reach out to our staff if you have an concerns during your try on appointment.

6.4. The $10 appointment fee is redeemable towards a hire booking made by 11:59pm on the same day as the appointment.

6.7. Out of Hours try on appointments can be made upon request for a fee of $20. This is still redeemable towards a hire booking made on the same day as the appointment. Out of Hours appointments are made by request only and are subject to availability of staff members at JMWEEKENDRENTAL.



7.1. Cleaning of garments is not required by the client  and is included in the cost of hire. Please return your garment unwashed. This is to avoid any damage during the cleaning process.

7.2. Any major stains need to be disclosed prior to returning, as immediate cleaning instructions MAY need to be given. Please contact JMWEEKENDRENTAL asap PRIOR to an attempt to clean to ensure correct directions are given.



8.1. Associated postage/delivery costs are required to be paid for any free hires from loyalty cards, giveaway wins ect.

8.2. Gift cards do not cover the cost of associated postage/delivery costs.

8.4. Only one discount or voucher of any sort can be applied per booking.

8.5. You will be notified about your discounted hire and free hire from your loyalty card via email with a personalised voucher. This voucher will have a 12 month expiry date.

8.6. Any discount, gift voucher or sale promotion must be entered at checkout when booking. Once the booking is paid for, it is final and no other discounts, gift vouchers or sale codes an be applied.



10.1. A minor is defined as an individual under the age of 18.

10.2. This contract must be read by the minor and their parent/legal guardian.

10.3. This contract must be agreed to by the minor AND the parent/legal guardian on behalf of the minor for legal purposes.

10.4. The parent/legal guardian must provide a copy of photo ID confirming a residential address that is shared with the minor on the customer account.

10.5. The parent/guardian accepts liability of any violations of this contract cause by the minor.



12.1. JMWEEKENDRENTAL owns Intellectual Property Rights to all images taken by any clients, ambassadors or models in our garments. The intellectual property rights are transferred to our business upon agreement to this contract, once the images are provided to us by the client.

12.2. Clients are to not provide consent to any other business to use images taken in our garments during their hiring period or they will be subject to breach of contract. No party aside from JMWEEKENDRENTAL and the client are to be provided permission to use any images taken by the client in our garment during their hiring period.

12.3. Any business or individual found to be using these images will be reported for copyright.



13.1. JMWEEKENDRENTAL reserves the right to automatically charge any fees mentioned in these terms and conditions, to the card stored on file.

13.2. Please note that we CANNOT see the personal details of this payment method and only have the ability to charge these fees where applicable.

13.3. JMWEEKENDRENTAL will inform you when a relevant fee is applicable and will be charged when a response is not made within 24 hours.  



14.1. A “Back Up Dress” option is defined as a second booking made for the same event date, if the original booking doesn’t work out.

14.2. JMWEEKENDRENTAL offers a 20% discount on a “Back Up Dress” booking.

14.3. The discount can be applied when an original booking is picked up/received via postage/delivery, and the client has a change of mind due to style, size, occasion or suitability. As JMWEEKENDRENTAL does not offer exchanges, the client can book a “Back Up Dress” for the same event date, and have the 20% discount applied.

14.4. The client must return the original booking when receiving the new “Back Up Dress” booking for the discount to be valid. Failure to do so will result in the full hire price to be charged for the second booking. This includes JMWEEKENDRENTAL declining the discount to be applied prior to booking, or for the client to reimburse JMWEEKENDRENTAL if the booking has already been paid for.

14.5. The “Back Up Dress” discount does not apply to any associated postage or delivery fees.

14.6. The “Back Up Dress” discount may be applied to a second booking for the same date, prior to pickup/delivery, under the discretion of JMWEEKENDRENTAL.

14.7. The “Back Up Dress” booking is subject to the same hire terms and conditions as the original booking.